About us

Studiotemplates is a network of world-class music producers, sound designers, and mixing engineers who provide their professional experience to other producers to enhance their production skills. By providing high class easy to use templates for both, upcoming producers as well as professionals, Studiotemplates offers deep insights into premium sound design, mixing skills and arrangement of state of the art music productions.


Studiotemplates' templates are provided for the most used digital audio workstations, such as Ableton Live, Cubase, Logic Pro X, and FL Studio. All Templates have been adjusted to the specific features of each digital audio workstation, such as internal synthesizers, effects, and the mixing engine to enable producers to achieve the best results out of their most familiar working environment.


Studiotemplates enables producers to learn how state of the art hit productions are composed, how the most requested sounds are programmed with the digital audio workstation’s internal synthesizers and how effects and equalizers need to be set. With the help of Studiotemplates, you raise your productions to a professional level and achieve outstanding results, which can easily compete with current hits from the clubs or from the charts. Studiotemplates enable you to learn how to produce cutting-edge tracks right out of your workstation without a million-dollar studio.

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